5 Options For Stone Cladding Your Home or Commercial Buildings

A stylish finish to your home is such a gratifying feeling to have. Whether you are considering to renovate yours, or have an ongoing project where you are not yet decided on how the exterior finishing is going to look like, then I got you right here. This article is going to prove essential
to all your home-cladding needs.

I will walk you through five different stylistic designs which you can choose from the cladding that suits your taste. You may have a perfect interior right from the kitchen bench-top to the living room, but you got to match this inner beauty with a catchy clad on the outside, you know what am saying? For this reason, be sure to read through to the end.

Stone Veneer Panels cladding.

Stone veneers are in every way the perfect cladding that you can ever think of. These veneers are obtained from natural stone so you don’t
have to worry about how durable this stone coat is going to last. Natural stone is almost eternal. This panel siding method can be made in different natural ways to give your house the perfect antique touch a modern house is worth.

The system of panel siding follows a simple installation technique and leaves your house with a real picture of what real stone is capable of. The multifaceted nature of the stones have a texture so real and has such a permanent feel on the house when you look at it from a distance.

If you are looking for a unique and innovative cladding method, then stone veneers are a perfect choice for you. It is not only pretty but also quite pocket friendly.

Use Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stones are made from molds of cement and casting them to resemble the natural stone in every way. This real stone replicate is lighter than the natural stone but still an alternative that is worth considering.

There is no question about its durability and it’s as appealing as the real counterpart. This is best used when you want to give your hose the natural look while using a more pocket friendly stone cladding alternative. Manufactured stone is becoming common in most urban suburbs today for its availability and ease of installation.

Natural stone siding

You house exterior or your commercial building can be transformed with style by the use of natural stone variety. This variety is made from slating shaped pieces from a larger slab of natural stone and stacking them in such a way each slice/tile is interlocked to create a pattern
whose end result is a perfect decorative finish.

One of the famous natural stone cladding is the stone tiles made from granite slabs. Granite belongs to a family of natural stones that stone expert’s term as very dense and crack resistant. These cracks exposes the stone to moisture that leaves it prone to freeze-thaw cycles.This cladding type gives your house a permanent glamorous finish that your house deserves.

Polyurethane-based Faux Stone Siding.

Foam/Faux panel siding is also a considerable alternative of real stone that can give your house the appealing look of a decent modern house. This type of stone panel siding is made from dense polyurethane and is made to resemble real stone siding. Installation is straightforward since it is done by panel basis. Looking from a distance would make you think you are seeing a real stone siding, that is how attractive this panel siding can be. Durability is guaranteed as it is an all-weather kind of a stone.

Solid Stone cladding

This siding method is an ancient method that goes way back in the early days of the birth of stone cladding. Thanks to its super longevity and the authentic look, solid stone hails significant benefits of a naturally occurring stone.

This siding technique is rare today due to the challenges of heavy weight siding stones and the heavy work involved in extracting the solid stone. Most of the modern stone claddings were developed from the solid stone. Though a rare cladding method, it still is a worth trying alternative.


There are several more stone cladding techniques being developed today. Whichever that you consider your type, the bottom-line is to give your house the attractive decorative finish that you desire. Try one of them and enjoy the scenery of your own beautiful stylish home.